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Don't fall into the funding abyss. Think creatively... Why are you spending so much money on your MIS?

You can have a leading cloud based MIS for a fraction of the cost

the MIS for the cost concious

LearnerTrack is one of the leading Management Information Systems for adult education providers funded by the Skills Funding Agency. It is the only system available that has been designed from the start as a cloud based solution. It also costs much less than your current MIS. You should look at it.

10 reasons why you should subscribe:

  1. 15 years of uninterrupted services
  2. saves you thousands of pounds
  3. forward looking, cloud based system
  4. zero maintenance overheads
  5. ideal for sub-contracting
  1. includes 1516 QAR analysis
  2. access securely from anywhere
  3. take online enrolments
  4. secure credit card payments
  5. supports unlimited users